What I want.

I simply say where I want to go and how much I wish to spend. The travel agency takes care of the rest.

Lara S.

Everything is possible.

The most important thing to me is freedom. Here I can book exactly what I want. Without depending on the organiser.

Georg L.

They’re fast.

I could have saved many hours lost sitting at the computer if I had asked directly at the travel agency Reisebüro am Stadtpark.

Sabrina D.


Expert advice.

Wherever you want to go, we have been there. We only recommend what we think is great. We know the travel market. Our employees have tested many destinations for you. They know which cruises are fun, where nature is the most beautiful, which culture goods are attractive, which island is best to relax. We see everything for ourselves, with integrity. In the entire world. So that you can be sure to receive what you wanted. Our reward: lots of happy regular customers.

The entire spectrum.

Tell us what you have in mind — on business or privately. We take our cue from you. Do you want to fly to Vietnam, Mauritius or even to the Galapagos Islands? Exotic destinations, unusual wishes. That is our element. Down-to-earth. Head in the clouds. The world is our home. Or are you looking for the missing link: Are you still missing a flight, a hotel or a rental car for your trip? No problem. No matter what you want - we look for it, and book it. Quickly and reliably. 

According to your budget.

We look for the optimal solution for your budget. Very flexibly. We find what suits you. You tell us how much you want to spend — and we will make you an offer. Without depending on fixed programs and organisers. Our customers appreciate our know-how, our experience. As an expert in the industry, we pick the the right solution from a myriad of possibilities. This makes everyone very happy. On both sides. And by the way: You can give happiness away! One travel voucher at a time.

Travelling on business?

Plane, car, train. We prepare your routes in a time-saving way. Because time is money. It must be quick. It must be safe. And it must be flexible. Business trips. Doesn't matter if you are taking the plane or a rental car. We organise that. Even if you only need a hotel. Many companies trust in us when it comes to business trips. Because then, they don't have to worry about a thing.

Better be safe.

We tell you what you want to know — and what you should know. Visa, yes or no? Customs? Other countries, other customs, other rules. Because only booking is not enough. We take our work seriously. And this also concerns receiving the right information at the right time. As well as safety. You can get a good travel insurance from us right away. Did you know that a travel insurance also offers coverage when for example, your child has to take an important exam at short notice? 

Motivated employees.

Incentive travels are a speciality of ours. So that your employees stay motivated. Everybody knows: A harmonic work atmosphere influences performances. And good mood is contagious. Bosses, employees, partners, customers. (We know that from experience. Team formation, presentations, congresses, company outings — whatever the motif for your trip with co-workers — we will be happy to organise your incentive travel. Where do you want to go? 



We are like a family...

Our travel agency, founded as early as 1979, looks back on a very long tradition. Because we are always looking forward and are at home everywhere. Always in touch with the latest trends.

Our co-workers are experienced industry experts. With specific preferences and special fields. And at the same time, universalists. They can do it all.

The team has been working in the travel business for a long time – and for us. A true family business. Welcome to the family.

Philip Moldaschl
+43 1 713 32 09

No matter what corner of the earth you want to visit — Philip Moldaschl has certainly been there before. Letting your soul wander on an island in the Indian Ocean, cheering on huskies at a sled dog race in Alaska, exclusive evening meals over the roofs of Bangkok, admiring the sunrise in the wilderness of Botswana ... Philip Moldaschl will even pick the best raisins for you. A true pleasure.

Elisabeth Moldaschl
+43 1 713 32 09

Elisabeth Moldaschl loves travelling and could talk for hours about her favourite experiences. Of vineyards in South Africa or of spice bazaars in India. But also of yodelling courses in Styria. Everything is a question of taste. For Elisabeth, travelling is as elementary as eating. Good ingredients, the right spices, nicely served and wholesome. Something for gourmets. Our "cooks" will prepare you a special menu. Certainly and ... All that is left is to enjoy.

Gerhard Gahmel
+43 1 713 32 09

What interests you particularly? An unusual event? A city trip? A sporting event? Gerhard Gahmel is a football enthusiast who knows what match is taking place, where and when. And the most important thing: How to get there! He of course also organises every other kind of events with everything that goes with it: Drive, flight, cards, hotels. Out of the routine, getting to know new countries and people. Off to the airport!

Wolfgang Lackner

+43 1 713 32 09

We make sure that you can enjoy your trip. We take care of what you don't see. Looking for the optimal route, means of transport, accommodation, travel insurance. Taking care of formalities: Entry requirements and visa. We make sure that you do not experience any bad surprises during your trip. And that you get back home safely. Everyone has his own preferences. Wolfgang Lackner is our flight expert in all directions. Where others despair, he finds the correct combination in no time. A piece of cake.

Marion Klein
+43 1 713 32 09

Marion Klein books your tailor-made travels. She is a true all-rounder, all around the globe. Onshore, on and under water. How about diving in Oman? A luxury liner with wellness and diving experience on the Maldives? Marion Klein has tested everything for you. And she knows the latest trends in the wellness sector. Relax: Balsam for body, soul and mind. She has tried a lot: Ayurveda cures in India and Sri Lanka, meditation and yoga on Bali, Lomi Lomi massage on Hawaii. Even a conversation with her is relaxing. So that you can switch off during your holiday.

Brigitte Dreier
M +43 699 1 601 37 80

Brigitte Dreier is fluent in many languages. And she has the travel ABC at her fingertips. As a renowned travel expert in Wolfsberg and a tour guide, she knows the world like the back of her hand and looks back on several years of exciting professional experience. Her customers remain faithful. And with good reason. What opera is currently playing in Verona? What exhibition should I visit in Madrid? How do I get to the holy places in Israel? Culture is Brigitte Dreier's elixir. She knows what is happening all over the world. What is an absolute must-see. Calling is enough.



We travel for you. Because it is not only our job, but also our hobby. Travelling.
We bring back impressions, pictures, tips. For you. Let our travel reports inspire you.

We travel for you. Because it is not only our job, but also our hobby. Travelling.
We bring back impressions, pictures, tips.
For you.
Let our travel reports inspire you.



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